Before each vehicle is listed for sale it is carefully inspected and serviced. Each BMW is test driven for at least 500 miles after repairs. If no problems occur, the car goes though PA Safety Enhanced inspection. For this inspection we are required to submit all receipts for repairs and salvage title to Pen Dot. After the car passes the inspection, Penn Dot issues us a Rebuilt/Reconstructed title.
With this title we can sell the car to any state where it would be registered just like any another vehicle. You will not have to do any special inspection when you are registering it in your state.
We take care of all the hassle for you, to make your registration process nice and simple. In a rare case that any problem comes up after you purchase the vehicle, our dealership provides a three month or 5,000 miles warranty. The warranty covers engine, transmission, and all electrical components. The purchaser must bring the vehicle to the dealership for repairs at their own cost
(we can assist with finding nation wide shipping (if needed). R&J Automotive Company will replace/fix any broken components at our own cost and labor. If a purchased vehicle is taken to any other repair facility other then R&J Automotive, the warranty will be void; nor will there be any  reimbursements for any repairs done at any other facilities.

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